DVD Services – DVD Encoding and Authoring

DVD is the best in video distribution formats and now you can inexpensively convert your analog Video Tapes, digital data, etc to DVD. These are easy to duplicate and ship and are the perfect way to share family memories, business presentations, and product demos. All video is encoded in the MPEG-2 DVD format with high-quality Dolby digital audio and recorded to DVD-R for viewing, duplication or replication. Approximately one hour and fifteen minutes of high-quality video can be stored on one DVD-R (5). In this, the movie will play automatically or an interactive title menu can be created to allow jumping directly to a desired chapter or selecting special features.

Video Editing – Non Linear post-production services

Global offers affordable video post -production services that will transform your “diamond-in the-rough” into a shining star. Using high-end, broadcast quality hardware in tandem with the latest in professional audio and video editing tools, we’ll take raw video footage and turn into a finished product that you will be proud of. No project is too small and our rates can fit any budget. Finished projects may be output to any specified format; to non-linear media such CD-R, DVD-R/, or hard disk; to an EDL for celluloid negative cutting; or to streaming media formats- quick time, real, Windows Media – for viewing.  Acceptable sources: BETA CAM, DIGITAL BETA CAM, VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, DVCAM, VCD, DVD, and DVC Pro.


The latest Avid setup, Edit – 6 Suite of Compaq and Final Cut-Pro, which facilitates accuracy in editing of Films and Serials and insertion of scenes required by the producers of Serials / Films and we have established our name in this service due to quality and Professional expertise.


This is precisely the unique area where our Global Group has the edge over the competitors in the market as a result of all professional transcripts being associated with the firm and their co-coordinated effort. We have the expertise professionals for sub-titling in English, Arabic, Urdu, French and all Indian languages. The popular serials and films in Indian languages are being sub-titled and exported to various Broadcasting Corporations universally.



Transfer and conversions / Duplication

Its one of the major area where our Global Group has strongly earned a Good will name in the market due to the quality of service provided. Duplicate clean print on a macro level is one of the outstanding features of the unit. We provide duplication of original software from a Beta cam or any other source onto any other format such as Hi-Band, Low Band, Beta, Digi-Beta, Hi-8 and VHS. We also possess the rare distinction of having duplication facility on both NTSC and PAL, which are globally accepted familiar formats in the fast developing digital technology.

Software Program Export- overseas

We are one of the leading suppliers of Films, Tele serials and program software exporting in major Indian regional languages worldwide. We are closely associated with major players globally, a few name like Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Mea sat Broadcasting Network, Ayangaran International UK., and we provide giving the best to any specific requirement of the customer and attempt to make every creation better than the last.

In-flight Entertainment Services – Airlines

We are working in close association with major International Airlines which includes name like AIR INDIA, EMIRATES, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, AIR LANKA, MALAYSIA AIR LINES, LUFTHANSA, GULF AIR, ROYAL JORDAN, OMAN AIR, AIR MAURITIUS, QATAR AIRWAYS Jet Airways, etc., and catering most of their software requirement related to Films and programs. We provide them services like duplication, sub-titling and also selling of airborne rights.


Digital Video Disc Processing Unit (DVD) & Video Compact Disc (VCD) MPEG Movie Maker

It’s a make of SONIC SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY, mastering workstation from U.S.A., and version of its kind, and we are the first studios to have this facility in India. It provides the facility whereby crystal clear picture with Dolby and DTS surround sound, multiplayer DVD mastering for broadcast quality and DLT as desired by the major production houses in India as well as U.S.A, UK & CANADA.


VCD mastering software with the aid of MPEG Movie Maker 200S, Optibase’s card line of MPEG and Dolby Digital encoding solutions and uses sophisticated technology to provide wide choice of encoding in video platforms. It offers full range of video and audio interfaces, video resolutions, audio encoding formats and MPEG multiplexing capabilities.

Digital Video Noise Reduction (DVNR)

This unit is a make of DIGITAL VISION, SWEDEN, and the pioneers in this technology. The special feature of this equipment is that, it significantly improves the picture quality of film originated material by eliminating or reducing the visibility of film dirt and random scratches without introducing severe processing artifacts. Also this is useful for enhancing video-originated material by removing tape dropouts analogue hits in the Broadcast or Satellite feeds and other electronically generated glitches. We wish to quote here that we are the only studios in Mumbai having this latest version of the software.

Smoke a high end facility

In today’s scenario its one of the high end version for facility in editing department, it demands world-class creative editorial and finishing environment in a single system, smoke delivers high end speed and workflow performance, real-time interactivity and industry-leading visual effects tools. Offering a new robust, high quality performance and resolution independently post production environment. Its ideal for PROMO’S AD’S, MUSIC ALBUM and FILMS.